Miguel Escobar Published October 1, 2018

Modern Excel & Power BI September FREE Course & we’re now a Microsoft Gold Partner

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We have some exciting news to share with you guys!

You’re probably wondering why we haven’t posted in a quite a long time and the reason behind that is that we’re focusing our time and effort to completely take over our local market: Panama.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time, and finally Powered Solutions is ready to take the big step and deliver training and services to all the businesses in Panama.

We started operating from Panama in 2013, but our focus until a couple of months ago was the international market with customers all over the world.

We have a very aggressive plan to reach the top of the Partner ecosystem here in Panama. A clear roadmap of where we want to be, how we’re going to do it and what we plan to do – so if you’re near in Panama, you’ll be hearing more from us pretty soon.

Achieving the Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics status

We started this process around 2 months ago. After I came back from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018, I had one thing in mind and one thing in mind only – relaunch Powered Solutions in the Panamanian Market and achieve the Gold Partner status within the next 90 days. The process is actually easier than I thought, so in less than 60 days we were able to achieve this and I can finally tell you that I’m the Managing Director of a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics.

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We have more plans to achieve even more within the next 6 months and I’ll be sure to post the announcements of those when the time is right, but I can tell you right now that we have some really interesting efforts in the works that could change the way you work with Power BI forever and those apply globally, not only for the Panamanian market.

Modern Excel & Power BI September 2018 FREE Course

As you may remember, we ran an open registration for a free Modern Excel & Power BI course which was mainly focused on Data Preparation using Power Query.

We received over 600 registrations, from more than 16 countries and 98 organizations.

Due to seating limitations, we were only able to pick 24 people and, due to the high demand, we had to schedule another session so we could pick another 24 people.

The first group/session was done on Friday September 28th, 2018 and it was a total success with a full house, 98% satisfaction rate and an astonishing engagement from everyone who was a part of the course.

We will be doing the next session with the 2nd group on the 19th of October, 2018 and if you’re one of the selected few, then I look forward to meeting you soon.

I’ll leave you guys with a few pictures from what was an amazing day:

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Note: each attendee received 1 full color printed copy of the SlideDeck HandOut, 1 full color printed copy of the Labs Documentation, 1 Powered Solutions branded 8GB USB with all the example files and labs, other promotional material and free lunch. 5 lucky attendees received a copy of the book ‘M is for Data Monkey’.

The food!

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Moments from the course

(doing a Demo of how you can do Real Time Analytics with Power BI)

(people seemed to love the food! What do you think?)

Future plans for free courses in the area

Most of you have contacted us about our plans for future free courses. We’re still trying to track the results of the first session and depending on the results of the first and second group, we might be able to do more in the future.

Apart from that, we’re in conversations with the leadership team of the local Power BI UserGroup Panama so we could potentially provide more courses in an effort with them. If you’d like that to happen, please join the Power BI UserGroup Panama and let the leadership team know that you’d like this to happen.

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