Miguel Escobar Published May 7, 2019

Pre-con Speaker for MBAS2K19 & Power BI DIAD in Panama


I have 2 quick BIG announcements.

  1. Ken Puls and I (Miguel Escobar) will be doing a pre-con workshop session for the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019. This will be the first time that Ken and I will be delivering an on-site training. For the most part of 2015, 2016 and 2017, we were delivering a live online workshop, but this is the first time that he and I will be in the same room delivering a training session. This is one of those events that you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in Power BI and Power Query. You can read more about our session here.
  2. Free Workshop: Power BI Dashboard in a Day – Panamá (Junio 2019). If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we enjoy providing high quality training to local folks here in Panama. We did 2 completely free sessions last year and this year we’re coming back with a new chance for new accounts in the Panamanian territory that would like to explore or get to know more about Power BI from a practical point of view.

This will be the very first officially promoted Microsoft Power BI Dashboard in a Day here in Panama, so you might be able to see a Call to Action button within the Power BI Platform letting you know that there’s an event near you, which is exactly our Power BI Dashboard in a Day.

I’ll be the instructor for this event and we’ll also have 2 hours dedicated to checking your own scenarios with your own data. Be sure to register as soon as possible!

Click on the image below to register. Please use your corporate email when you register as we’re trying to reach corporate accounts that would like to pursue any type of solution with Power BI from us.

[hubspot type=cta portal=4794258 id=7ea25a50-16d4-4cf9-9d54-e7f7bffdbaa5]

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