Miguel Escobar Published May 16, 2022

PAB – Someday, Somehow (feat. Chris Cron)


This will be a super quick update. Finally my song has been released!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me in this whole process. Credits and appreciation time:

JR Richards – for being a mentor in terms of songwriting and composition and for helping me with all the production of the song

Chris Cron – for helping me put lyrics to the song, the missing melodies for verses, bridge and others and for the great vocals!

Brian Scheuble – for completely opening my eyes at how complex yet so amazing mixing and recording of drums can be

Nano Aleman – for all your support, dedication, patience and for helping me reach that final structure of the song to have that “Post” touch.

Juan Octavio Díaz – absolutely everyone that listened to the bass tracks loved them. Crazy how we accomplished that in such a short time.

Eli Hludzick – for recording the final drums and adding your touch to them. The end result sounds amazing.

Dave Cohen – for bringing this song to a whole new level with the B3 tracks.

Aniel Mejía – for helping me with directions during the initial production process.

Abraham Dubarran – for your attention and support during the initial recording of the drums and bass tracks at your studio.

Veni Nuñéz – for helping me record high quality tracks for the brass section towards the end of the song.

Daniel “elgato” Ortega – for helping me iterate over this song multiple times until I was able to have the grasp of the direction that I wanted to take in terms of drums.

Enrique Santamaría – for being the person that encouraged me to make this a reality, for the cool guitar licks throughout the song and helping me make sure that the outcome is of the highest quality.

Also thank you to everyone that has helped me throughout the journey and who I might’ve missed in the list above.

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