Miguel Escobar Published April 24, 2023

I’m speaking at Microsoft Build


Hey all!

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. The new role as a Product Manager at Microsoft has been more challenging than I expected, so the time to blog has been pretty scarce and when I do post its mainly through the official Power Query blog.

I’ve got good news! Myself and Estera will be providing a lab during Microsoft Build in Seattle. The title for this lab is: Learn how to build a modern data stack in an hour

Estera and I are pretty proud about the content that we’ve created with our teams and can’t wait to see you during this event. Click in the link below to learn more about the lab and the Microsoft Build event that will occur during the month of May of this year.

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armando castillo

saludos me pueden ayudar sobre un problema al actualizar la consulta me genera este error
la importacion true no coincide con ninguna exportacion.

Ahmed M Ibrahim

Gratcias Miguel, Would like to ask if there is a possibility to have the session in person ?